Energy Efficiency Associates, LLC

Increasing comfort, decreasing energy use
By consulting with, and for, those seeking to advance the 'state of the art' in comfort, durability, best practices in home design, renovation and new construction are developed and refined.

The mission of Energy Efficiency Associates is to advance the use of attention to detail and the principles of physics in design, construction and renovation, to achieve the best outcome for the substantial investments we make in our homes. 

Our homes are very important to our daily comfort, peace of mind and financial situation. 

We should devote an appropriate amount of attention to optimally leverage  the substantial opportunity which arises when we renovate an existing home, or design a new home. 

Mike Duclos founded Energy Efficiency Associates to bring the kind of attention to detail, process and team organization that he saw as key to complex high-tech product development in the areas of data and telecommunications. 

The perspectives of others are often valuable in assessing the value of the large investments we have in our homes, and how best to financially  protect, benfit from, and enjoy this value. 

Continuing education is essential to maintaining and advancing a well informed perspective...