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Energy Audit

EEA provides comprehensive Energy Audit services for your home.

This is much more than a superficial examination of a home such as may be provided by state or utility programs, and is typically justified only in cases in which the Energy Use Assessment indicates a high level of energy intensity, or there are substantial issues with comfort, which are not infrequently related.

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An EEA ' energy audit' (really an in-depth investigation into how energy is used) begins with a homeowner interview to learn about the homeowner's experience with the home. 

The investigation proceeds using Infrared thermography (under appropriate temperature conditions) and a blower door to determine the conducted and air transport related heat loss mechanisms in the home. The homeowner is encouraged to be present and ask as many questions as they wish to obtain the maximum benefit.

At the conclusion of the audit, the findings are reviewed and suggested action items are discussed. 

A written report is available at additional cost.

At least one hour of consulting support via phone and email is provided so the homeowner can obtain the maximum amount of benefit from the audit.

Mike Duclos is an ITC Certified Building Science Infrared Thermographer.

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